The Freedom Answer Book

Are your freedoms gradually being taken away…right in front of you? What, exactly, are the limits to government power in a free society? These questions are not easy to answer, but the danger is imminent.

The government is taking away basic freedoms granted under the Constitution. In his new book, The Freedom Answer Book, New York Times bestselling author Judge Andrew P. Napolitano sheds light on what your rights are and how you can protect them.

“If we wish to survive the near future with our rights intact, we need to understand the size and scope of the threat,” said Judge Napolitano. “We must also understand its true identity: a government that breaks its own laws.”

As a nationally recognized expert on the U.S. Constitution, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano states in simple Q&A format the meanings behind our Constitution and exposes areas that are in jeopardy of unequivocal compromise. He addresses hard-hitting questions such as, What are the limits to government power in a free society? Are your rights guaranteed? What forces have collaborated to destroy personal freedom? and many more. In order to truly understand the freedoms we have as people of the United States, we must fully comprehend our Constitution and the reasons why our Founding Fathers devised it. If we don’t, we’ll never fully grasp the danger that lurks today of losing those freedoms to an ever-growing government and its lack of accountability.

Readers will be astonished to learn their rights – to privacy, to self-defense, to money, to own property, to enjoy peace, and more – have slowly and carefully been eroded. The Freedom Answer Book will increase awareness of today’s political spin and empower readers to change the course of prevalent unconstitutionality in our government today.

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